Aquacamtools® Stands

Aquacamtools® stands are ment for action cameras for underwater photography. Stands are designed and made in Finland. 

Stands are made of steel so they are heavy and give the stability needed for underwater filming. You don’t need to dive in order ot use the stands – but of course you can dive too if you want. 

GoPro compatible.

Use the stands from shoreline, wade and set them to a location or dip or float them from a boat or  pier. Press record, set the camera to a location and film.


Use at the bottom of a lake, a river, sea or a pond to capture the life under water. Stable in the waves and flowing water. 


Diving mount for deeper waters and waters between bottom and surface. Lower the camera base from the boat or from the shore to your desired depth using the floating rope and let the filming begin.

Standsa are made of RST which enables use in freshwater without corrosion. If you use the stands in salty waters we recommend that you rinse the stand with freshwater after every use. It prolongs the lifetime of the product.  Stands are also available in HST which is more suitable material for active oceanic use. These stands are not usually in stock. If you shoot mainly in saltwater, please contact us for HST options.

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