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I’m Matti Pasanen, a recreational fisher who at some point got mesmerized by underwater photography.

I have been a passionate fisher all of my life. I have made fishing trips all over Finland, from wide lake district to small backwoods ponds and clear mountain creeks in Lapland. I’ve been fishing also in Norway and Sweden and in a few more exotic destinations.


The start of Aquacamtools®

I used to build different kinds of stands just for my own purposes when I started underwater photography. There were no stands suitable for my needs available back then so I had to make them myself. Commercial stands and mounts were mostly designed for scuba divers. My goal was to shoot fishes, fishing and underwater world without going into the water myself. My locations are sometimes so small puddles and ponds that diving is not an option. Most of the action camera gear is made of plastic and it makes them too lightweight.

Aquacamtools® stands are designed to be durable and steady even in a running water. The material must be heavy and water resistant.

I tested the First DIY stand in summer 2017. Fishing poles got left behind more and more when I packed my backpack with photo gear that needed testing. My gear caught the eye of other fishermen and I decided to make a small test batch of stands for sale. By the end of the year 2017 I had started my own business, Matexpro. First stands were ready for sale early 2018 and Aquacamtools® got a registered trademark label for EU region in summer 2018.

Aquacamtools® stands are popular items for underwater photographers and they are also used in scientific studies. The design process is ongoing and new features and models will be available in near future.


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